Big Girl - You are Beautiful

AKA Your Size Doesn't Define Your Value, Worth, & Beauty

I have always been a bigger lady. I can recount story after story of all the times I was made fun of or given negative attention for my body. Childhood. Teenage years. Even adulthood. I can remember feeling that good things only happened to the "Skinny, Pretty" people. They were the only ones that deserved to be happy. Only thin people would look good in engagement photos. Only "traditionally" pretty people would look good walking down a wedding aisle. Only the blonde, tall women would look good as a "Boss Babe". What a load of horse crap I believed for so long!

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The Stunning Miss A

The culture and world we live in tries to force feed us (quite literally) the idea that our body is unworthy and deserving of hate. We should take the magic pill. We should get the surgery. We need to wear these certain clothes. And all of this is presented with air brushed and photo-shopped images that don't even portray accurately the woman who we are to be envying.

plus size boudoir salt lake city utah

The Ravishing Miss V

I woke up one day and decided I was exhausted. Exhausted of hating myself. Exhausted of allowing others to tell me I wasn't beautiful, that I had no worth, that I was less valuable because I was *fat*. I was Big. I was Large. I was Plus Size. But I decided that I was done letting others people negativity regarding my body and person control how I lived my life and how I viewed myself.

Plus Size Boudoir Salt Lake City Utah

The Bodacious Miss S

I believe boudoir is so important to show ALL women that their beauty is not defined by your size. As a bigger girl myself, I have a little soft spot for the larger ladies. I'm ready to break cultural chains. I'm ready to to tell the fashion industry to kick rocks because it won't include my size or thinks a size 20 is being inclusive. I'm ready to showcase that yes I am fat, but that is not synonymous with ugly. Don't misunderstand, I'm not telling you that if you want to get healthy or dye your hair or get a body modification you shouldn't. I'm telling you that if the only reason you want to change yourself is because you think it will make you happy, you will find yourself still feeling the same way about yourself.

Plus Size Boudoir Salt Lake City Utah

The Enchanting Miss S

When I say boudoir is for EVERY body - I mean that. I do not hesitate showing off every body shape, size, color, or whatever. I have worked hard to change my mindset and how I view the world. It had to start with me. It had to start with believing that I truly am a beautiful, worthy, precious, and valuable human. That no matter what my physical body looked like, I still deserve love, joy, and good things in my life. And that if I really want to be happy, waiting until later will not magically make the button switch.

Plus Size Boudoir Salt Lake City Utah

The Alluring Miss T

Don't mistake me friend. This has not been an instant process. The moment I decided to change things was definitely a moment. But it has been a journey. A journey to speak kinder to myself. A journey to love myself. A journey to tell myself I am amazing, I am worthy, I am beautiful. And I still struggle sometimes. I still wake up with negative feelings to myself or anger or play the comparison game when I shouldn't. But I want to be open and honest and tell you that this journey has been the best choice I could've ever made for myself.

Plus Size Boudoir Salt Lake City Utah

The Seductive Miss A

If your weight or body has been keeping you from booking a session because you are scared you will not look good enough, or won't find clothing or are too ugly - please let this post be a beacon of hope for you. Boudoir is for EVERY body. You don't need to wait until you are any different than you are now. And if there is anything you take away from this it is that you are BEAUTIFUL - right now, this very instant just as you are.

Plus Size Boudoir Salt Lake City Utah

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