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Woman in the Wild - Miss Allyssa

I have a very deep love for showcasing women in nature. As much as I love the studio, nothing makes my heart sing more than putting a woman out in nature - whether that's the desert, the lake, or the woods. There is something just powerful and incredible and something so RIGHT. Every session I do in nature those images end up being in my favorites I have ever taken.

Allyssa is a fellow boudoir photographer and we have been friends a few years now. When I say community over competition, I mean it. I took her to this secret spot not just to show her but also to give her the opportunity to feel like the absolute goddess she is. And, what mom doesn't need some alone time for some self care. She is such an inspiration, a source of comfort, the woman who kicks my ass when it's needed, and most importantly, my friend.

I love how in the woods she looks like she belongs there, like this is her most natural place, and she is the Queen of them all. There is such a different element in nature than when in the studio. A different feel. A different kind of empowerment. I would love for everyone woman to experience it just once. Release that inner Wild Woman. Allyssa wasn't sure what to expect, but this whole time was nothing short of magic.

If you are interested in booking an outdoor session lets talk! And please enjoy this incredible evening that Allyssa and I shared!