Boudoir - What is it?

Featuring Miss L

The word boudoir is a french word that is translated to mean a woman's private bedroom, sitting room, or dressing room. Many photographers have started offering boudoir photography, which features a human, usually a woman or woman identifying, in a bedroom set up posing in a sensual way. Usually the wardrobe is lingerie or even nude. In as many photographers who shoot boudoir, there are as many approaches.

There are those that confuse boudoir with adult entertainment, and to me the distinction between the two is very clear. Adult entertainment is for someone else's enjoyment and fulfillment. It is not for the model in the photos (well, it can be at times) but over all it is for the person consuming the media. Boudoir is for the person who is having their photos taken. The photos are for themselves. The process of hair and makeup, wardrobe, images, and even ordering is done at their own discretion. The lasting impact is what will stay with the person who had a session.

To me, Boudoir is empowerment. It's an opportunity to reconnect, rediscover, and even release parts of yourself that maybe you have forgotten or never known. Boudoir to me is more than just putting on lingerie and taking some pictures. It is the journey that you go on in that session. It is the vulnerability and bravery you exhibit, and the strength you show. Boudoir allows you to have a reminder in the form of images so you never forget that the fierceness, fearlessness, and femininity you posses is always there.

Boudoir Photography is not a one size fits all. Every session is as unique as the human who it's for. Because I truly believe that it is a great tool and moment of empowerment, it is my personal goal to tailor every session around the human who books. No two of my sessions are the same. Maybe the location and some of the poses, but my interaction is completely different. It is my job as a photographer to encourage you and I do that by taking the time, giving you the energy you need, selecting music that will help, posing you from your head to your toes, coaching you on breathing, and hyping you up.

Please enjoy the beautiful Miss L who I absolutely adore and cherish. Are you ready to book? Still have some questions? Let's get in touch!