Featuring Dani from Love Yourself Photography

Being an artist can feel and be extremely lonely. It's often a solitary road you walk with your soul ablaze with a fire that threatens to consume you wholly if you do not create! Unless of course you feel like the fire is nothing but embers and ashes, in need of something to spark the flame once again. Either way it's a true treasure to find someone who pushes you, laughs with you, stops you, has the same passion for the same medium of art you do, and also will help you back up if you fall.

I think the best type of friendships start unexpectedly and abruptly. One moment complete strangers, the next you are friends and thinking you've known each other for far more time than you really have. I remember the first time I met Dani in person I had invited her to come do some content type stuff at my studio space. But I know we had been talking before that. And some how now I can't imagine my life or my photography journey without her.

Last year I fell into a creative and personal rut. I hated so much of what I was doing, I felt burnt out, and she was there encouraging me and pushing me to not give up unless it felt right. One day she said maybe I just needed a change of scenery and she had extra time at a local hourly rental studio. And she was all too excited to get in front of the lens for me!

She was right. A change of scenery was 1000% what I needed. The fire was back. I was feeling so invigorated and the creative juices were flowing. But had she not made a simple suggestion, made a little push, I wouldn't be feeling incredible and creative like I am right now. 2023 has been so successful so far in part because of her.

So if you are an artist or creative of some kind, make sure you surround yourself with supportive, like minded people who can not just cultivate your craft, but also help you as a human being when you need it. The artist doesn't need to be lonely, dull, and full of pain. If you are ready to see yourself with new eyes, a change of perpsective, definitely get in touch so we can start planning your empowerment experience today!

Thank you for looking at this incredible afternoon with Dani! Have a beautiful day!