First things first!

When you inquire I will schedule for a consult call! That initial consult call is so important. It gives you and I an opportunity to get to know each other. You will get to hear my voice and you can make sure you KNOW I am the perfect person to help you on your empowerment journey. Boudoir is such an intimate and vulnerable experience it is my first priority that YOU are comfortable with me! We will also discuss your investment, if you need your products by a certain time, go over any questions you may have, and if you are ready, schedule your session!

Best Utah Boudoir Photographer Experience Salt Lake City

What can you expect from your session?

Nerves are total normal during this process so if you are feeling nervous - just know I'm here for YOU! I have you the entire step of the way. When you arrive at the studio you will be greeted by my professional hair and makeup artist who will pamper and glam you up! This takes a little over an hour so you have time to chat and start to relax. If there is anything you don't like about the finished product or something you want added, just let her know and she can get it just the way YOU want it! Want more information on my incredible team - come meet them!

After your hair and makeup is all done and you are in love with it, we will go over outfit choices. I will have pieces from my client closet available as well as anything you have brought. We will make a plan for your session and you will go get dressed in your first outfit! I will guide you through each pose from your head to your toes, even your breathing. Nothing about your session is left to chance! You are in fantastic hands so you are free to relax on your journey! Dancing and laughing is ENCOURAGED!

Best Utah Boudoir Photographer Experience Salt Lake City

What happens after the session?

After your session we will schedule a time for your "Reveal". The Reveal is where you will see your images after your session. You will pick your favorites images from your session and order your products. If you have prepaid we will get your products designed and ordered that day! It can take up 3-5 weeks for products to come in but once they are we can meet up once again at the studio OR I can drop them off to you. Your products are always wrapped and discreet.

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Best Utah Boudoir Photographer Experience Salt Lake City