Who am I exactly?

I'm Emily. A 30 something year old who still doesn't quite feel like a grown up. If I had to describe myself in 3 words it would be passionate, persistent, and playful. Creation, Imagination, and Empowerment are my motivation! If I wasn't doing photography I would be doing something with Music or Creative Writing. (If it hasn't been obvious, I love writing). I have always had a heart for encouraging and empowering women of all ages. As a woman, I want to be open and honest about my own experiences because it can help someone who may be struggling.

I didn't land on boudoir lightly. I discovered boudoir in 2007 and remember watching these beautiful and stunning women be free in their bodies. I told myself if I ever did get to learn photography, I wanted to be a boudoir photographer (and a wedding photographer but....I've learned that is not something I love at all.). 2017 I began my journey in studying, learning, observing, and being a woman who could offer boudoir. I wanted to give other women an incredible empowering experience. However, it didn't feel authentic and the fire didn't truly light until I had my own boudoir session. And that changed my outlook completely. I bring empathy, understanding, and knowledge to each session I have the honor of being a part of.

About Ember & Ash Boudoir:

I spent a long time thinking about why I wanted to do boudoir, what I wanted ladies to walk away from the experience with, and what it all meant to me. The idea of the power that fire has and how it can start was something that consistently bounced around in my mind. When I'm out camping I know to absolutely make sure the campfire is completely out and doused. Because even the smallest ember can cause a massive wildfire to start. And I was really drawn to that word Ember that something so small could spark into something so powerful. I am also a lover of fantasy, myths, sci-fi, and the idea of the mythical bird of the Phoenix was symbolism I loved. How it is reborn from ashes. That sometimes we may feel we have spent ourselves and have nothing left but yet life can come from the Ashes.

Ember & Ash encompasses what I feel about my own self love journey but also what I want other women to feel. That they can spark a great fire in their soul and that they can once more find life even if all they have is ashes.

My approach to photography is to focus on capturing authentic moments and honest feelings. I love details, laughter, and telling a story.

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What else can we know about you?

I have been with my partner for over 5 years, known him for almost 10. We call Salt Lake City home. We have 2 dachshunds - Korkie and Sammy - who let us graciously live with them and sleep in their bed. We met because of a shared love of Final Fantasy VII.

I grew up loving Star Wars, Animorphs, and Legend of Zelda. I have lived in KS, UT, WA, and Ukraine. I have more books than shelf space currently and a very unhealthy addiction to Spotify. I write stories that maybe the world will one day see and play music that the world sometimes gets to hear. I love coffee and wine, but coffee would win if I had to choose. I have an Android phone and a custom built PC and I have zero desire to ever invest in any fruit products again. I love concerts, cheetah print, and going on adventures.

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The "Professional" Resume:

Best Utah Plus Size Boudoir Photographer Salt Lake City

All photos courtesy of Allyssa Parker.