I am so nervous!

It is a big step to put yourself in a vulnerable and honest place. But I am so proud of you for taking this step! When I say I will cheer you on, I mean it! When I say I want to be your hype lady, I am living for it! No matter how you feel I am here to encourage you and empower you every step of the way. You've got this. And you will walk out feeling like the Queen you are! I promise!

I'm worried I am too ugly for photos.

If you are reading this I want you to know that you are beautiful RIGHT NOW! You are NOT the exception. Boudoir is about showcasing the beautiful human you are. Boudoir is not a magic fix to make you suddenly love yourself, but a start or a part of your journey. It gives you physical evidence and a way to remind and reaffirm to yourself that you are beautiful, stunning, glorious, and ravishingly beautiful human RIGHT NOW.

What if I don't have anything to wear?

I have a client closet that ranges from size XS - 6X. I have everything from sexy lingerie, accessories, sweaters, t-shirts, and other fun pieces to help create the perfect session for you!

I have a jersey, blanket, ring Etc I'd like to use.

Please bring whatever props you want. This session is for you! I'd love to incorporate anything special that you want!

How long does the experience last?

This depends on your session experience. The SMOLDER experience lasts exactly 30 minutes. The FLARE & BLAZE experience will last around 3 - 4 hours due to hair and makeup plus photo time!

What if I want my images private?

YOUR IMAGES ARE FOR YOU! When you book your session and I send the contract, you are given the option of if you want your images shared or not. You can change this decision at anytime. I always want to share every session I do because I love seeing women fall back in love with themselves and their body. BUT, I know this is also a very personal and vulnerable place to be in and a lot are not comfortable showing the world. THAT IS FINE! Your nudes are safe with me! I only share what YOU allow me to share!

Will you make me look 100 pounds thinner, make my stomach flatter, take braces off my teeth, make my boobs bigger, etc.

I believe in loving yourself as you are right now. That said, I operate under the 2 week rule, if it's still going to be there in 2 weeks I do not touch it. I do not do heavy editing on your photos, only minor adjustments such as removing a scratch, a pimple, making your eyes a little brighter. I do not heavily alter your appearance because THIS experience is about loving YOURSELF as YOU are now. Scars are on a client by client basis. Some clients love their scars and want to showcase them, and some would like them removed. I'm okay with either of these please just let me know!

What do you do with the images I do not buy?

I hold on to your session images for 6 months and then they are archived. If you decide that you want to review and purchase product after 6 months please send me a message. There is a $75 fee for retrieval and upload!

I want to gift a session as a surprise for my wife, girlfriend, friend, sister, mom, Aunt, etc.

I do not allow anyone to book a session for anyone else. Especially a SURPRISE session. If you want to pay for someone's session, that's fantastic and so thoughtful. However, I still need to talk to the client and make sure this is an experience THEY want. To me, this experience is very personal, intimate, and vulnerable that I don't want anyone to be surprised and not have the best outcome possible.

What if I have a specific studio/location in mind for my session?

I have a beautiful natural light studio located near downtown Salt Lake City. It has so many incredible options for your session. However, I understand you may want a different location and I am open to that! If you choose a different studio location you are responsible for the hourly fee the studio charges. If you choose a location outside of Salt Lake County, there will be a travel fee invoiced to you as well.