Boudoir Education for Photographers Mentorships
Let Me Help you on this Journey!


Wanting to empower women through the art of boudoir is a beautiful dream and goal to have. I know so many who have experienced a boudoir session themselves and know just how powerful it is. They then want to give this to other women and I LOVE IT! As a boudoir photographer who has been doing this for over 5 years, let me share some knowledge , and come along side you in this journey! My strengths are posing & flow, client experience, and portfolio building.

Boudoir Education for Photographers Mentorships

Client Experience

Your client experience goes beyond just taking the photos and posing. Knowing how to approach your clients, how to help them feel comfortable, and creating the space they need are all part of the client experience. Let me give you some of the nuggets of gold I have discovered in my 5+ years of doing Boudoir Photography!

Boudoir Education for Photographers Mentorships

Posing & Flow

It's so easy to run to pinterest and comb through boudoir facebook groups looking for inspiration for your next session. But what if you had a system in place that helped you have the confidence you knew you wouldn't run out of poses and you wouldn't be at a loss for what to do next? I would love to share with you the ways I have found to maximize posing and move fluidly from pose to pose!

Portfolio Building

Having a foundation to showcase what you are able to provide to prospective clients is so important. That's why my mentorship sessions are educational and portfolio building opportunities. This isn't a styled shoot. You walk away with knowledge, skills, and images you can recreate.

Boudoir Education for Photographers Mentorships
What Is Included


These take place at a local studio with 3 experienced boudoir models. You will receive 3.5 hours of instruction, hands on learning , and a jump start or refresh to your portfolio.

Your Investment is $799.

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