Featuring All Of The Incredible Women Who Took Part This Year

The Wild Witchy Woman Group Shoot

Growing up Halloween and Spooky Season were not something we celebrated. We dressed up but we went to more church centered activities and called them "Festivals". I still have a lot of unpacking and processing I do when it comes to this time of year. But being able to combine spooky season with boudoir and hearing how much so many people love this time of year and why is very special. It truly helps with my own journey.

This year I had so much fun. So many sexy ghosts, sexy pumpkin heads, so many incredibly beautiful wild witchy women AND the group shoot was perfection. I even had the opportunity to do a dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) session for a dear friend who shared why this meant so very much to her. It's always sad to close out a season but it is making me so excited for what is to come next year!

Please enjoy a few selections from the images from sessions I am able to share. If you are wanting to do a witchy session or an outdoor session be sure to contact me and lets start talking today! Have a beautiful day and thank you as always for being here.