Featuring the Stunning Miss T

I've been thinking a lot about the journey of surviving and healing. How these spots of our existence can drastically pull us down and under into bleak, dark places. That there are times you might believe the sun will truly never be warm on your face again or you will never know what happiness and joy feel like. You may think pain, heartbreak, and sorrow will forever be your companion and that you do not deserve good, beautiful things in your life. People and situations can help add this negativity and pain into your life - whether knowingly or unknowingly. And what seems like an ending can be a beginning.

Wherever you are at in your journey and healing, I want you to know that this path you are on is sacred. You do not have to share it, you don't have to advertise it, and you can experience it in your own way however you need. Healing doesn't have a one size fits all, 10 step method get this result type of formula. Healing and becoming whole is so intimate and personal, it is so vastly different for each person because we are all different. And what may be working for you, may not be what works for another and vice versa.

Your journey doesn't have to be front and center in everyone's life. When and if you are ready to share, then make sure there is space for you to open how you need. And know that your peace and safety should always be your priority. I say all this because I think we are in a day and age where others feel entitled to knowledge of our intimate lives - whether their intentions or good or ill. But no one, absolutely no one, is entitled to any part of you that you are not willing to give and share. That includes your healing and a glimpse of the path you might be on.

These thoughts came about after having someone tell me that I didn't understand trauma or really know what it feels like to be a survivor because I didn't present or seem a certain way. This struck such a nerve and chord within me. But I centered on the idea that my healing path is sacred to me. And I don't need to look, be, or act a certain way for my journey to be valid. And I definitely in no way *HAVE* to share any part of it. Let alone because someone decided in their own pain that I possibly couldn't understand.

There are so many reasons boudoir - as a photographer and client - has been so impactful to me personally. And I have shared some of the reasons behind this. But there are other things that I'm not quite ready to put on display for everyone and anyone to see and share in the knowledge of. And that's okay. I have found so much peace and stability on my own journey, but not every little nuance needs to be shared like bread over dinner if I am not at a table that will help keep my own peace or encourage me forward on the journey. I hope no matter where you are at today reading this that you too know that whatever part of your story you choose to share and choose to keep private, whatever place of healing you are at, it's valid and sacred. And it should be just for you. If you decide to share and open up then I am glad you have that choice. But it needs to be your choice.

Until next time please enjoy the beautiful Miss T who wanted to gift her beloved some photos while simultaneously empowering herself! If you are wanting to book your own session for whatever reason be sure to reach out! Have a peaceful and lovely day friend.