Salt Lake City Boudoir


Something this past year I have really dug into is my "What Am I About" when it comes to boudoir. A portion of it has grown from deconstructing and rebuilding my own bodily autonomy and getting rid of things associated with purity culture. But another thing I have hoped and wanted to bring forward is that who I am, what I am, all of me is enough.

I once had someone tell me that I needed to make sure I posted "traditionally pretty" people in my portfolio to show potential clients that they could also "look like a model". And while this on the surface might seem like sound business advice, it never sat well with me in my own soul. I don't want to exude an air that says "what you are isn't good enough or worthy enough" when everything that I believe about boudoir is empowering and loving who you are in this moment.

A point of pride for me is that women of all ages, all ethnicity, all body types, all orientations, and all whatever else feel comfortable coming to me. Meeting you where you are at, showcasing the absolute artwork you are right now is my utmost goal. I want you to fall back in love with yourself, to rediscover all the incredible parts of you - outside and inside. To be able to reclaim what is yours and maybe what so many people have tried to take.

No matter where this journey of boudoir and empowerment takes me, these are my pillars of anything and everything I do. I'm forever grateful for the people who connect with this message and have allowed me to be part of their journey. I'm so thankful that my own journey allows me to share beauty and empowerment with other women. That I can truly live what I feel is my life calling.

Here is yet another beautiful woman who came into the studio and let me be part of their story. (The first of 2024!) She is so beautiful, powerful, and so very incredible. I'm honored I heard her story and grateful she has these images to always look at when a reminder is needed about how she is a Goddess and a Queen. If you are ready to take a step in your own empowerment and self love journey I am here for you!