Growth is not linear. You don't always go from point A to point B to point C. Sometimes you go from point A to point N back to point A to point B to Point X and so on. You make and lose friendships. You learn how to uphold your boundaries. You see what is important and what can be let go of. You see your priorities. You will learn how some things are not authentic and it's okay when those things don't work out. You will discover your peace is worth protecting. And if those around you don't understand or value you, you understand and value yourself.

So while empowerment doesn't always look like standing naked in front of the lens, sometimes it's not sending an email, not writing the text, not making the phone call. Sometimes it's me not inviting others back into the sacred space you have created in order to protect yourself. Sometimes it's pulling back. And it's being okay with those decisions and not doubting them.

Whatever your growth looks like and your journey is taking you, sometimes it means people won't understand or see. And that's okay. Maybe you're in the thick of it where the things that no longer have a purpose and place in your life are falling away. And it's time to learn that it's okay if people leave, doors close, and spaces disappear.

Who you are as a person and what you are about will always come through. Even if you have a "fan club" of people who seem out to do nothing but tear you apart and put you down, you will come out on top. The universe doesn't look kindly upon that. I know because I have seen myself be protected and vindicated so much the last year. So keep your head up and hold on. You are stronger than what is raging around you.

And this journey of growth - your journey of growth - isn't over just yet. If you are wanting to have your own step of empowerment in your journey, I'd love to help give you that space. Let's talk and start planning today! Until next time, please enjoy the illustrious Miss L.