Salt Lake City Boudoir - Smolder Session


When I first discovered boudoir in 2008, I remember finding a photographer that spoke about "how to photograph bigger women". Unfortunately his approach was not to treat them exactly the same. Instead he encouraged other photographers through this blog post to have them bring long dresses, robes, shirts, anything that would hide the "unflattering parts of their body". I cannot tell you the amount of shame and disgust towards my own body (which was a lovely size 14/16 THEN) at how smaller, thinner women were approached versus how someone of my size would've been approached.

I carried that with me a few days. Well, a few years. And when I finally decided that I was going to pursue photography and learn to master the art of boudoir, I will be honest that even in 2017 there were not a lot of photographers that showcased bodies that appeared to be above a size 2. There were not a lot of bodies that looked like mine. Or they were overly fetishized if they did appear in a portfolio. There was never an approach and air of normalcy around my type of body.

Without a shadow of a doubt, I knew there was nothing wrong with my body. That it had carried me and been with me, kept me going and alive. I deserved to have beautiful images of myself. But more than that, I deserved to be featured in someone's portfolio because I too am beautiful. My body wasn't scary. And other women deserved to feel that way about their bodies - regardless of the size, shape, age, or WHATEVER.

When you come to a session with me, please know your body doesn't scare me. I don't view it as unflattering or undesirable. I don't actively try to hide things. Who you are, what your body is right now in this very moment is beautiful and deserves to be showcased. You deserve to be in a portfolio of a photographer. You deserve to be hung up in a museum to be admired. I am approaching you with all the grace that I of almost 15 years ago deserved to be given when it comes to how I feel towards my body. And I want you to walk away knowing, deep in your soul, without a shadow of a doubt - that you, as you are right now, are beautiful.

And I believe that with all of my body, mind, and soul.

If you are looking for a safe space for you and your body, or are looking for a space to really get back in touch with your femininity and beauty, I'm here for you. Let's talk and start planning your session today.