Featuring the Radiant Miss A

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Where there is nature, there should be fierce and fearless women! That's my personal belief anyway. And I am so honored to have ladies in my life that believe the same. While a bucket trip to Southern Utah is still on the list, I made do with some "local" red rock! This incredible Utah Outdoor Boudoir, Woman in the Wild, evening was nothing but magical and fun.

My AC decided this evening was the perfect time to give up the ghost. And we had lots of bugs and critters to keep an eye out for, but we made some pretty epic images. I love the outfits Miss A brought. It was the perfect accent against the red rocks. And she was game to climb on top of whatever rock or into whatever crevice was necessary. What a rock star!

I loved when I have the opportunity to go outdoor in nature, see a new place, and have good, meaningful time with amazing people. This evening was no exception. Every time I have a moment like this, it makes me debate whether I should only do outdoor boudoir full time. Nature makes me insatiably happy.

I hope you enjoy these beautiful photos. And can feel all the magic that was created. If you are ready for your Utah Outdoor Boudoir, Woman in the Wild, Session then get in touch! Thank you so much for looking and I'll see you next time!