Even Organized by Ava Rhodes

I don't often do big styled group meet-ups. Partially because of anxiety, partially because I never feel I get the shots I want. But I am still really grateful for the opportunity that this collab ended up being. Ava put together a big meetup - her very first one - and it was so fantastic to meet so many incredible artists. I always walk away from these meetups with a new perspective and new ideas that inspire me! It's really good to be around other creatives and learn new ideas while also sharing your own.

Group meetups also give you the opportunity for new connections. I cannot tell you how much of an honor it was to meet so many like minded individuals who have a passion for this art. Sometimes as artists it can feel lonely when you are creating but being able to have excited and passionate conversations about boudoir is truly refreshing. If you have the opportunity to attend a meet-up, I highly recommend you go, even if you don't know anyone there or feel you are still new, meet-ups are amazing opportunities.

I hope you enjoy these images that were created from that day. They really helped reignite a fire within me that I didn't realize was nothing more than embers. If you are wanting to book your own empowerment session, get in touch and we can start planning today!