Featuring the adventurous Miss L

There is truly nothing like an adventurous outdoor boudoir session. Being that immersed in nature with little to no clothing is really powerful and freeing. As humans we all need to get back to our roots every so often - to touch grass as the kids are saying nowadays - and breathing in pure air in the mountains or touching our toes into a lake or feeling sand does something so deep in the soul.

Outdoor sessions are some of my favorite I do. I see women feeling less bound up and walled in when they are in the wild. There is a different sort of freedom that is felt when it's just you and the trees, or water, or sand, or rocks.

Miss L understands that. She was so excited to go play in the mountains. She brought the funnest accessories with her boots and hat, plus the sweater she pulled out made for some very awesome photos. We took a drive into the mountains and when we arrived at our location we honestly just took a minute to breathe the air in and truly take in the beauty all around us. Of course there was suddenly thunder clapping and a few raindrops started to fall. But I believe this just added to the magic.

I hope you enjoy these photos of Miss L. I hope you are inspired and want to be a woman in the wild, partaking in the magic of nature. If you are feeling that you are ready to be a woman in the wild I'd love to talk and plan it out with you! But until next time, have a beautiful day!