A Real Woman

Featuring the powerful Miss Ava

I once was asked early in my boudoir journey if I only photographed plus sized women and that comment jarred me a bit. I have always wanted to be inclusive in the sense that, as a plus size woman myself, I wanted other plus size ladies to know they could be empowered, seen as beautiful, and have bad ass photos taken of them. I wrongly had felt that smaller and straight sized women didn't struggle with body issues because they fit the "norms". What a disservice to women across all sizes to only consider one specific size or curves "real" and worthy of showcasing, while completely disregarding women if they were "traditionally pretty".

I have known Ava since 2020, however it feels like we have been friends almost a lifetime at this point. She is an incredible model and creative, but she's also a Type 1 Diabetic. She is told quite often, more so lately, that people don't want to photograph with her because they want to showcase "real women" in their portfolio. Ava is a real woman. During some of our shoots, her blood sugar has gone really high and she will be feeling it in the worst way. But she powers through. I shouldn't have to tell this though to make a point that she is a real woman with struggles and dreams. The way her body is shaped should not disqualify her from being seen as "real" or not. While so many have told her no lately, which is truly only hurting their portfolios, they miss out on the incredible story she can share about being a Type 1 Diabetic, how she is chasing her dreams, and being creative while managing a disease that will never have a cure - only management.

All women are real women. All women's bodies are real bodies. I think it's time we stopped telling women of any size they aren't worthy and start listening to the stories they have to share. This is not to disregard the struggles of plus size women like myself. Please do not misunderstand this. But it is to say we cannot demand space and a voice while diminishing others. All women need to feel empowered. All women are real women with real bodies.

I hope you enjoy this creative session I did with Miss A. If you are wanting to do a fun creative session get in touch! I'd love to hear from you.