Let's Talk Ideal Clients

Featuring the Absolutely Ravishing Miss H

When you start learning business, the first thing most educators and mentors will ask you is, "Who is your ideal client?" What they want you to do is tell them basic things, where does she work, is she married, does she have kids, how much does she make, where would she likely hang out, what is her favorite tv show and so on. With this imaginary information about a supposed person in your head, you then start to create a marketing plan designed to attract that specific person. This is not a bad marketing tactic and it works well for many people. However, I personally have never found that I was able to fully, concretely form an imaginary woman in my head who I could check all these boxes of "This age group, this career, this marital status, bad ass". I struggled with the fact I didn't want to necessarily "market myself" but rather try to form an authentic connection with a woman who it didn't matter whether or not she checked certain "marketable" boxes.

I sat down and spent a lot of time, especially in my first 2 years, really thinking through the woman I wanted to connect with. The woman I wanted to book me and have the honor of working with. And what came to mind wasn't tangible things or noticeable qualities. I wanted the woman who felt forgotten and needed the reminder that she was enough. I wanted the woman who needed to overcome years of being told she wasn't worthy so she could have her moment to reclaim her power. I wanted the woman who needed to reconnect with her body after she had been told it was bad, sinful, and wrong, so she could reclaim her sensuality. I wanted the woman who had never been told she was beautiful and could have her moment where she finally saw the beautiful goddess she is and always has been.

I want all women to know that if they are looking for an empowerment experience, regardless of their age, race, size, culture, religious beliefs, marital status...whatever, that they are my ideal client. I want every woman to walk away with a new insight on themselves. And it is my intent that the experience is so much more than the pictures. None of us are on the same path in life, maybe there are similarities, but our stories are so vast and rich and necessarily different. I don't ever want to force a woman into a niche, little, marketing box. I don't want to "market" and "manipulate" anyone into a session with me anyway.

So are you my ideal client? Do you read these words and resonate? If so, you should fill out the contact form so we can talk more! I truly want to hear your story and be a part of your journey. If you are still waiting and thinking on it, that is okay. I will still be here. Check out my Facebook Group where I try to post daily encouraging thoughts. Thank you for your time reading my heart and thoughts. Please enjoy some highlights from beautiful Miss H's session!