Featuring the Lovely Miss G

I was raised in a household that quite literally made me feel as if I 100% of the time needed to make sure and focus on those around me. That this was an act of love and how I could show my love. And what inevitably happened was I felt diminished, used, and came to believe that my own needs, wants, and desires were very unimportant. Everyone else was important and necessary. Of course I carried that mindset with me into adulthood and often I would lose sleep, miss meals, and drop everything (including plans for things I truly wanted to do) so I could rush to meet someone else's whim. I so often told myself "no" so I could say "yes" to someone (truthfully anyone) else.

Do not get me wrong, I'm not saying kindness and empathy are bad. What I am saying is that as important as I made everyone else, I too deserve to be important. My needs also are worthy of being met. I am not somehow lesser or selfish because I have to say "no" to someone. I do need to be taken care of and that is okay.

It is okay to say, "Yes" to yourself!

I often have Master Yoda in my head saying, "You must unlearn what you have learned". And unlearning that I am never important and I can never be first in my life is HARD. I still struggle with guilt even when I am exhausted but someone is demanding my energy to say "not now". I struggle to not feel bad or wrong or selfish. It doesn't mean I don't care or love those around me, it just means that I need time for me. And I really need to remember that I am also worthy and deserving of my time, energy, and love.

Maybe you also struggle with the guilt and the feelings of "selfishness" when you set boundaries or say "no". I want to encourage you that it's okay. You aren't wrong. And sometimes (most of the time) our brain likes to lie to us. Today I want you to remember that you can put yourself first if you need to. That you deserve the love and care you give to others. You are worthy of rest and joy and you should not (DO NOT) feel guilty.

To close this up, a boudoir session is a fantastic way to say yes to you. You get to create the space you need to love on yourself and find your inner power once again. You get to be pampered while having fun. And you have designated time that is just. for. you! Only for you. If you need a way to say yes to yourself, I'd love to help you make that decision. Reach out and let's talk today! Until next time, please enjoy this beautiful Smolder Session with Miss G!