Featuring the Gorgeous Miss s

I wish I could I sit across from every woman and look them in their eyes and tell them they are so beautiful. That I know, I KNOW, this world has told them why they are not and why they are not good enough. But that this world is so very wrong.

You aren't born with feelings of inadequacy they are taught. You aren't born automatically hating yourself, that is something you learn. We are quite literally educated to see flaws, see faults, see ugliness, and unworthiness. We are pressured to turn ourselves into things we are truthfully are not. And we are celebrated for milestones that we may suffer and hurt ourselves to get too.

I want you to read this right now and know from the bottom of my heart that as you are is more than enough, you are worthy. You are beautiful. You are valid just because you breathe. This world around you cannot tell you what you should or should not be, because it doesn't KNOW you. It cannot tell you to hate yourself when it doesn't even want to acknowledge your existence.

I acknowledge you. I see you. I have walked paths similar to yours. And I truly understand. So let me say this again, you are worth it. You are all ready beautiful. It's time for you to finally see it.

This beautiful woman and her session was a celebration. She was on a part of her journey and she said, this is me and I am PROUD of who I am. No more compromising. No more deferring. No more making herself small. I was honored and absolutely loved, being a part of this moment in her story. If you are ready for your moment in your journey, I am here for you! Let's talk and plan today.