Featuring the Stunning Miss A

It isn't small or meaningless. It isn't nothing. It isn't something that can wait for later. And it definitely isn't unimportant. Your story should be highlighted, shouted from rooftops and mountain tops. Because YOU are important and worthy of being heard, understood, and seen. You no longer should downplay and minimize who and what you are. Occupy the space. Brag, not even humbly. You should be proud of you.

Every session I have ladies come in and tell me they feel as if the reason they are doing a boudoir session is silly or maybe not as meaningful as another's reason. No ma'am! It is SO meaningful and powerful. Even if it's because you woke up on a Tuesday and said, I wanna get some hot photos taken of me. No reason is insignificant. It all matters. It's all important. Because it's YOUR choice. It's one more step on YOUR story that you are writing for your life.

Miss A came in and said she had always wanted to do a boudoir session, but always put it off. Later. Another time. A different chapter. But later always comes and goes. Another chapter ends, a new one begins. And the session still had not taken place. There were milestones being reached in her life, personal decisions, life altering choices and she said, no it is time. This is for her, right now. And her session was nothing short of absolute fire.

I am so glad that I could hear her story. I'm so honored to have been able to give her this space of celebration and liberation. I'm ready and waiting to hear your story. If you are ready to share yours, ready to give yourself space to reconnect with your femininity, reclaim your sensuality, and rediscover just how radiant you truly are, then lets talk! But until next time, just remember you are WORTH IT! Worth hearing, worth being, worth every moment, every space, every bit of time you may occupy!