Featuring the Stunning Miss V

Body Positivity is more than just learning to love your humps, bumps, and lumps. Boudoir is more than sexy, scandalous photos. Empowerment encompasses so much more than just the images you get to walk away with. It's about the experience and the feelings that go with it. The change.

Your Change.

If there is nothing about me, my words, the experience I offer, or anything else you take away I hope you see this - I want you to know you belong to yourself. That no one else owns you. No one else deserves a claim to you. No one else is entitled to you. You are your own. Every bit, piece, and part.

That includes any images from your session.

I love being able to show off you beautiful humans and how you chose something for you. I love being able to show others how you rediscovered and rekindled that fire within your soul. I value the opportunity to highlight what a boudoir experience with me is all about. It's a privilege and an honor.

I do not take it for granted.

Your session and your images are for you. They are never for my portfolio or for my own gain. Everything about your session is crafted and tailored to you. If you want the world to know that you had a boudoir session and are so proud of what you accomplished - let's show it off! But if you are feeling reserved or private and don't want even a hint that you did a boudoir session, I honor that to.

I have more clients who choose to keep their experience and images private than who share.

Just as I want you to be able to walk with the knowledge in your every day life that you belong to yourself - your body, thoughts, mind, all of it - I want you to know and understand your session is yours. It's for you and it belongs to you! If you are ready to say yes to yourself and want to experience Ember & Ash Boudoir then let's talk! Until then, please enjoy the absolutely ravishing Miss V. I love that she chose outfits that made her feel beautiful, sensual, and like an absolute goddess.