5 Tips I Give Every Client

Featuring the Ravishing MIss V

There is so much excitement when you finally book your session! I would say 85% of my ladies are first timers to boudoir or glamour photography. The process, the choices, the decisions, and everything can seem very overwhelming! Here are a few tips I tell every client before their session to help walk you through the process!

1. Don't Stress

I have you. I will hold your hand, I will answer your texts, your emails, any questions you might think of, help you with planning your outfits, and anything else. I have a step by step process once you book that will take away all the guesswork of your preparing for and planning your empowerment session!

2. Drink Lots of Water

This is quite honestly the most underrated tip for your session, but keeping yourself hydrated leading up to your session will do wonders for your hair, your skin, and even your nails if you are not getting them professionally done! This will also help you feel your best during your session.

3. Do Light Stretching

Boudoir sessions can feel like a work out. There is a lot of stretching, standing on tippy toes, squatting, bending, stooping, and other things to achieve certain angles through posing. Don't worry, I won't push you past what you are able (and your questionnaire that you fill out asks for limitations or ability issues you might have so I can make accommodations!)

4. Try Your Pieces On BEFORE your Session

While I do provide a client closet, if you are wanting to bring pieces to your session, make sure you try them on BEFORE you arrive! Make sure you feel comfortable in your pieces and that you like how they sit on your body. Can you move comfortably? Can you breathe comfortably? If the answer is no to either, don't wear it! You will see the images and then only remember how uncomfortable you felt while in that outfit!

5. Speak Kindly To Yourself

I'm putting this piece of advice last in hopes that you remember this one out of ALL of these little tips. You are investing in yourself and in an experience that is so different and so powerful than anything you have done before. Start now, (even if you haven't booked!) speaking kindly and lovingly to yourself. Tell yourself you are worth it. Tell yourself you are gorgeous. Tell yourself you are enough. Tell yourself that you are a boss. Bonus points if you look yourself in the eye in a mirror and tell yourself you love yourself!

If you are ready to book your empowerment session, contact me today so we can get you scheduled! Until then, enjoy this beautiful Goddess!