Featuring the Goddess Miss C

Utah is so beautiful, vast, and diverse in it's landscape. You can drive an hour in any direction and get such different views. I love how even those views change with every season. There is so much magic even in one spot if you go back at different times of day or the year.

Something that has always been a dream of mine was to do an Utah Outdoor Boudoir, Woman in the Wild session in the poppies. Utah has some of the most amazing wildflowers, but there is something just so beautiful about the red blossoms. And I am so grateful that Miss C was able to make this happen because what a way to achieve a bucket list session!

Miss C arrived to my house and 3:45 AM so we could drive together over an hour to the location. We had the opportunity to see the sunrise, run barefoot through the poppies, and also nearly had the place to ourselves. Breathing in the fresh air and seeing so many wild animals, it truly was the perfect morning. Miss C was an absolute goddess in the midst of the world reawakening.

I'm so ready to do more outdoor boudoir - Woman in the Wild sessions. They truly are my favorite. So if you are wanting a boudoir session that's different and to be a Woman in the Wild, be sure to reach out today! Until next time please enjoy the stunning Miss C!