The Divine Miss T

I met Miss T through a mentor session. Something I love doing is helping other photographers feel confident and learn from my journey. I was ecstatic that Simone asked me to spend a morning with her and show her some of the ropes. Miss T agreed to be a part of this and I'm so glad she did! She is absolutely radiant and beautiful. She was super shy in the beginning but that quickly faded.

I think sometimes people get mentor sessions confused with styled shoots. If you do a mentoring session with me I will go through each and every step of how to pose your client, how to help them relax, how to position yourself to get the photo you want, and then how to maximize each pose. I love helping other photographers avoid the pitfalls I didn't in the beginning of my own journey. I'm also a hands on learner so I know this is super helpful to others who learn the same way.

It was a complete honor to work with Miss T and Simone. I loved the magic that was created. If you are interested in a mentoring session - contact me and we can get the process started!