Featuring the Gorgeous Miss L

Being a woman in this world is not exactly a walk in the park. And every woman's walk is very different. But what isn't different is how we all seem to so often be pitted against one another. We are led to believe we should all be in competition with each other. Is my butt bigger than hers? Do I have better clothes? Oh she got her nose or lips done, I need to do that? Does this person like her more than me? Her business looks like it's doing better than mine I need to change everything. She's being a better mom than me I gotta step up. On and on and on and on. You can think of other examples. We all are told to look in everyone else's lane and worry about what they are doing and how we aren't doing enough or are doing too much comparatively.

Life isn't a competition. We all get the same prize at the very end when we take our last breath. What life is though is difficult. And as a woman I know there are things I struggle and fight with on the daily that make me stumble, fall, and get hurt. My crown so often is not on my head straight or not even on my head at all. So why, if I know that life is like that to us all, would I do anything but straighten the crown of another woman? I have had my crown ripped off my head so many times from so many people in my life that I cannot bring myself to do that to another woman. Even if I feel she may deserve it or has it coming. I don't want to cultivate that kind of atmosphere in my own heart and soul.

Boudoir brings this awesome opportunity to help straighten the crown of another Queen. And I love that. So many times women walk in forgetting they are a Queen, let alone that they have a crown, and they go through this experience just to rediscover that shine, strength, and sparkle once more. Straightening the crown is what I am about. I want to help you pick that crown back up and place it right on top of your head where it belongs. There are enough people who will tell you that you don't deserve your crown, who will tell you that you are not a Queen or worse yet, try to take your crown from you. I'm here to help you, remind you, that they are wrong!

So if you are feeling like your crown is a little off or that it has fallen, allow me the honor of straightening it. Let me be your reminder today that you are worthy of that crown and no matter what anyone says it belongs right on top of your head! If you are ready to come into the studio and have an experience to remind you then I am here and ready for you! Let's talk today!

Thank you so much for being here. I hope you enjoy these stunning photos of Miss L. We had the most perfect morning. I'll see you next time friends! Have a beautiful day!