Featuring the Exquisite Miss S

There is a story I was told once about how hunters who want to capture monkeys will take a jar, put fruit in the bottom, and leave the jar out. These jars have a wide opening, thin neck, and fuller base so the monkey can easily slip his hand in. However when the monkey grabs the fruit he cannot pull his hand out because his balled fist is too wide for the neck now. But the monkey won't let go of the fruit because he wants it and is inevitably caught. All the monkey had to do to avoid capture would be to release the fruit. The fruit while smelling nice and most likely being a sweet snack, didn't add to the monkey's life. In fact, it ended up being the thing that caused harm.

I've been thinking lately how "letting go" and "releasing" things is more than just the physical act. For example, realizing there are people in your life who are no longer helping and are actively hurting you, it's good to remove yourself from that situation. However, just physically removing yourself from this sort of situation isn't enough. We are not just physical, corporeal things. We are mental and emotional as well. If I still am carrying the negativity and toxicity with me in the form of resentment and anger, I'm still allowing the situation and people to hurt me.

"But it's not that easy to just let things go!" Trust me, I know. I keep coming back to the thought that while maybe the resentment, frustration, and hurt is so tightly held onto because it's familiar. Or because I think it actually helps, rather than hinder. Sometimes it's a day by day and other times it's a moment by moment, but letting go can be the sweeter thing if we allow it. There will be other, better things to hold on to, to experience and feel. And we deserve to have those other things unmarred and untainted by toxic things of the past.

So maybe today you need to remind yourself that it's okay to let go. It's okay to release. What you had is no longer serving you. Maybe you need to take the physical steps away from a situation. And maybe you need to mentally let go so you can finally find the freedom you deserve. I know you can do it, just as I know I can do it! We have this Queens.

I hope you enjoy these photos of the absolutely exquisite Miss S. If you are wanting to book your own session be sure to reach out to me today! I can't wait to hear from you. But until next time, have the most beautiful day.