The Unspoken Things

You take from a Boudoir Session

Featuring Miss A

I'm sitting here reflecting on 2 incredible sessions I had yesterday. A daughter booked a session for her and her mother - mostly for mom because she wanted mom to have the experience. While ladies are getting their hair and makeup done, I like to sit and chit chat with them. Usually this is the first time they have met me in person and nerves about the whole "in my underwear in front of a stranger" thing gets pretty real.

Inevitably we talk about those nerves and what they stem from. The conversations I have with women are incredible. I get to hear their stories, I get to share some of mine, and we relate on these unspoken things of womanhood we all seem to carry. Every single woman who has walked into my studio has felt on some level that they are not good enough or they want to reclaim something.

This mother told me she was nervous and that this was so far outside of her comfort zone. However, she felt she truly needed to do this. During the session I kept showing her the back of the camera telling her, "Your smile keeps getting bigger". And it really did. When her session was over, she was beaming. "This was such an incredible experience. I never would've known how much I NEEDED this."

Need. An experience where she could reclaim her power, her femininity, and feeling beautiful in her own skin, she needed that. I believe many women NEED a moment like this in their life. Whether or not it's a boudoir session, every woman needs that moment where she says, "I AM enough. I AM beautiful. I AM worthy. I AM powerful."

I am so passionate about giving women this moment. To watch a woman who walked in nervous and scared, but leave with her head so high and starting to love every part of her again is the reason I do boudoir photography. And it is what keeps me going. So if you need that moment, if you have been feeling like it's time, don't hesitate to reach out! I would love to hear your story and be a part of your journey!

Please enjoy the photos of Miss A who is an incredible human and inspires me to be my most authentic self, standing up for what is right, and for never apologizing for who she is!