Make-up Artist, Encourager, Fighter, Friend, Wife, Queen

If you have been around my business, you know that Bri is my go to hair and make-up artist for any session I do. I have known Bri almost as long as I have been doing boudoir photography. The first night we met we discovered that we had the exact same birthday, only 10 years difference. We still laugh about this and I always ask "What are we doing for our birthday?"

Getting to know her through these past few years I have watched this incredible human continuously pick her self up, push herself, and fight hard to get where she is at. I don't think any person on this planet understands the saying "life isn't kind" more than Bri. However, I have watched this woman pull herself up over and over and continue to fight back. If there is something she wants or a goal she has set, you better get out of her way.

I have found so much inspiration from her. She is self taught and self made with her craft. And she's incredible. If you follow her business page (which you should by the way), you can see how she is so passionate about going above and beyond what she thinks is possible. While she is an incredible artist, she treats every woman that sits in front of her with the utmost care and respect. Plus, she's the ultimate hype woman before very session.

To watch someone continually give life the middle finger and laugh, is incredible. If you ever get to meet Bri you will not walk away the same. Honestly. If you need a kick in the ass or someone to tell you that you are the baddest of all bitches, this is your woman. I count myself beyond honored to know her and consider her a friend. And if you need someone to do your hair and makeup, she is top tier.

All that to say, I wanted to share about how incredible this woman is and the world is a better place for having her in it. Please enjoy these photos of her being an absolute Queen. And if you wanna book a session like this definitely reach out!

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