Telling Your Story

Featuring the Exquisite Miss J

I love stories. When I was younger, my favorite place was the library. I would get as many books as I was allowed and get lost in all kinds of worlds, places, mysteries, and adventures. I haven't lost that love, if you have been to my home you know that I love books and have many of them. (To the point that my bookshelves are quite literally double stacked and overflowing.) I also love writing and telling stories myself. It was a dream of mine one day to be a published author. (It may still happen we will see).

Photography is this beautiful medium that while you are freezing time, you are also sharing a story. And the beautiful thing about this art, is that the story I may tell may not be the story you see and it may not be the story the client walks away with. That is 1000% fine by me when the client walks away feeling empowered and like the goddess they are. I love that I am a part of each of my client's story they are trying to tell.

Miss J came to the studio not before, but after her wedding. We decided to play on the feelings of newlywed joy and the morning after. I am so excited for her new journey of marriage with her husband. She kept saying, "My husband....gosh that feels so weird to say!" And then we would giggle. But that is what life brings us all - transitions and turns in the road that are good and sweet!

I am so incredibly in love with the images we created that morning. What do you think? What story are these telling you? Are you wanting to book a session or get more information - definitely contact me! I'd love to hear from you! Until next time, enjoy this beautiful morning in the studio with Miss J!