The Edge of the Forest

Featuring The Stunning Miss K

My favorite movie of all time is the 10th Kingdom. I love the idea that ordinary meets magical. And that is something I try to encapsulate in my daily life and while I'm doing boudoir. In the beginning of the movie, our main girl Virginia says, "I live on the edge of the Forest." And in reality she lives on the edge of central park, but it was her view that made it seem magical, that shifted her perspective.

I think that's all I need sometimes is just a small shift in perspective. To go from mundane to magical. To really see the beauty in what lies within and without me. So it has taken me some time but I'm learning now to see the "Forest" instead of seeing "Central Park".

I've really been enjoying what 2023 has brought so far. I think 2022 was a year of me just seeing a beautiful park, which is not inherently bad. But 2023 has brought me new vision and clarity to see the endless possibilities of the "Forest". I've been so beyond honored to have so many women this year step in front of my lens. And I know that they have had the spark ignite and their perspective on themselves and their life has shifted.

This beautiful human has been wanting to book with me for years and the stars finally aligned! And what an incredible morning it was! Miss K not only made me feel like a celebrity, but absolutely came ready to slay. And honestly, she should be the main heroine in a modern day fairytale. I am so happy she said we could share these because she needs to be seen by the world!

If you are ready or wanting more information about a session I would love to talk with you! I hope you have a beautiful day! Thank you for reading!