What Can A Boudoir Shoot Do For You?

Featuring The Divinely Gorgeous Miss A

I had this idea for a blog for almost 2 months now, but I wanted to sit with the thought and really delve into what I believe boudoir can do for the woman who goes through the experience. I love that boudoir is more than just a photo shoot. It can mean as many different things as the women who step in front of the lens. I want to go into a few things that I personally hope (and go into every session with the mindset for) a boudoir shoot can do for you.

1. A Beginning

So many ladies have stepped in front of my lens, nervous, scared, and sometimes so unsure that they made the right decisions. But when they leave the session, even before they have seen their images, they have a completely different view of themselves. There is a distinct turning point and something clicks. To them, it's a start of ridding themselves of shame, fear, thoughts of tearing themselves down and the beginning of feeling like a goddess, a queen, a beautiful worthy human deserving of love. The session is this beginning of a new mindset and new way of approaching how they treat themselves!

2. Closure

Boudoir can definitely be cathartic in some ways. Quite a few ladies have come because they are going through a journey of healing and attempting to become whole, and the experience marks an end. It brings them a sense of transformation, of shedding off the old and stepping into the new. The act of being vulnerable but reclaiming some of the power that she felt was lost. So many women have come back and said it was the thing they needed to finally close a door that needed to be closed.

3. Empowerment

Truly the main thing I hope a woman takes away from a boudoir session is empowerment. That she either remembers or first realizes how much of a bad ass she is. When I wrote earlier about women leaving feeling different even before they saw their images, that's the type of empowerment I want! You have this experience where you had fun, you loved your body, being naked didn't feel shameful....your session can give you a glimmer into what your life should feel like every day!

4. Fun

One of the most important things a boudoir shoot can do for you is give you a day of FUN! You get to be pampered, you get a personal cheer leader, you get to listen to good music, dance in your underwear, laugh a lot, maybe cry a little, and get bad ass photos of yourself in return. You get to leave with your hair and makeup still done so your good time doesn't HAVE to end after your session. Many of my ladies have ended up doing girls nights or going on date nights so they can continue their day of fun for themselves! You deserve to have moments, minutes, hours, and days of fun and a boudoir shoot might be what the doctor ordered.

This is definitely not a conclusive list. Maybe what a boudoir shoot can and will do for you is completely different than any of these reasons. Whatever your reason is, it will be right for you! If you are ready to book your session contact me today so we can get your process started!